sight seeing


enjoy and discover

One advantage to our business is that our chauffeurs get to know the communities we serve extremely well. The result of this knowledge is that Bel-Air is able to arrange both individual and group corporate leisure tours in many of the range we serve. These tours can range from a half-day, pre-set tour all the way up to a multi-day tour customized to your request.

There are so many interesting places that can be enjoyed within a single days return journey from Brussels, that it is hard to make a choice - the real answer, of course, is to return time and time again!

We offer no guarantees regarding the weather - except that it is rarely as awful as you may have been led to believe - but we do guarantee you will enjoy the company of your knowledgeable and skillful driver-guides. Their mission, which they take very seriously, is to conduct you safely and to send you home with unforgettable memories.

We are always pleased to prepare individual itineraries, but may we mention some of the more popular destinations? We present them in a printer-friendly version below.