mercedes s-class


mercedes s320l

The S-Class Mercedes-Benz saloons renowned for their safety and reliability along with their well appointed interior must surely be one of the most prestigious limousines in the world, cosseting luxury and advanced technology that anticipates your every need.

Our "S"-class Mercedes epitomizes solid reliable German engineering, harmoniously integrated with the beauty of walnut wood veneers and soft leather upholstery, that is warmly inviting.

Our Mercedes-Benz "S" class limousines are an excellent choice for a classic wedding.


  • Seating : 1-4 Passengers.
  • Leather interior, air conditioning, command system, CD, GPS, 2 TV screens.
  • Long wheelbase giving extra leg room.
  • Automatic climate control.
  • Reclining rear seats.
  • Heated front and rear seats.
  • Double glazed electric windows.
  • Electric soft door closures.
  • Full option car for 4 passengers, leather upholstery, air conditioning, A.B.S. brakes, Airbags, Car phone, etc., etc.
  • Equipped with all options a luxury Mercedes offers.